About Me

Brand Strategy, Public Relations, and Content Moderation

With over 12 years of experience as a strategic and persuasive writer, speaker, and advocate, I am a seasoned professional partial to mission-based companies, scrappy startups, and social justice warriors. Using my knowledge and skills to support brands and causes I believe in is what motivates me.

I began my career as a young, idealistic attorney in awe of the US court system, and quickly buried myself in research and writing for circuit court judges in Wisconsin and Illinois. My research covered every topic imaginable, from prison disciplinary decisions to corporate dissolution to divorce and custody law. In each case, I took pride in helping ensure that the law had been applied fairly and accurately, and set a precedent that held true to its underlying policy. I also developed a deep love of research and writing.

Hungry for human connection and more direct advocacy, I spent three years as a civil litigator at a boutique law firm in downtown Chicago, where I helped clients navigate divorce, custody, contract disputes, and landlord-tenant issues. Helping people through some of the biggest struggles of their lives was the best part about being a lawyer.

I wondered how I could help people at a greater scale, which led me to Etsy, a platform that supports micro-entrepreneurs. At Etsy, I spent six years writing and advising on policy, content moderation, government relations, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. I wore many hats to support Etsy’s mission, crafting its policies, taking stances on social issues, navigating developing law on internet platforms, forming partnerships with NGOs and government agencies, and managing its disaster relief program and philanthropy fund. Working at Etsy taught me that businesses can be successful while doing good, and that millions of diverse individuals could come together for a common cause.

Most recently, I moved my family back to Chicago and founded my own company to provide writing, brand strategy, and public relations support web-based businesses.

What can I do for you?

Do you need help moderating user generated content on your site? Developing your brand’s identity and telling your story? Navigating partnerships with other businesses, NGOs, or government agencies? Communicating sensitive subject areas with your users? Developing your strategy on corporate social responsibility? Let’s talk.